Show notes for Episode 4 w/ Dave Maynard

On this episode we traveled and taped on location at Warfighter Academy in Escondido, CA. We interviewed Chief Instructor Dave Maynard a Navy SEAL veteran who has spent 40 years and over 25 deployments as a SEAL, and contractor with Blackwater and GRS. He has been deployed to Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan and even to New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Prior to the podcast we attended a weekend of training in CQB (Close Quarters Battle) and Gunfighting with Dave and his Staff.. We also wish to thank Warfighter CEO Sonny Garcia and Business development consultant and instructor Mike Sneen for allowing us to participate in such and awesome weekend. 

If you wish to attend any of the amazing training at Warfighter academy they are located at:

700 W. Grand Avenue, Escondido CA 92025