Fighting For Recovery

My fight with addiction has been a road with twists, turns, ups and downs. I have tried many different approaches to recovery; rehabs, 12 step meetings, psychiatrists, therapists, medication, will power and trying to keep myself so busy I didn't have time to drink. None of these seemed to work. i would put together stretches of sobriety but none of them stuck. I became disillusioned and dejected. I came to believe that I could never get sober and I was destined to die by the bottle. What ended up working was a balanced approach. By focusing on transforming my mind, body and spirit as well as balancing recovery with work, family and recreation I found a combination that works. I have felt the obsession lift and life become focused. Gone is the chaos and turmoil and now i am beginning to find serenity and peace.  One of the biggest parts of my recovery is the lessons and habits I learned through 13 years of martial arts and fighting.  The meditation of focus mitt work, the exhilaration of competition...these are key to my recovery and now sober have begun to hone my warrior within to battle anything life throws at me, sober.